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21, Lev, Poland, Poznan
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Vek 21
Výška 151 - 160 cm
Hmotnosť 40 - 45 kg
Vlasy Bruneta
Oči Modrý
Etnický pôvod Biely/Kavkazan
Jazyky Angličtina, Ruština
Rodné mesto Poznan
Ochlpenie Vyholená
Poprsie Malý
Zadok Stredné
Čo ma vzrušuje
my birthday is 19 August ^^

I have gray eyes, but sometimes it is bright blue, it's weird ahahaha

my hobbies: dancing, I like to read various interesting stories on the Internet related to history, ecology, nutrition, and various diseases I help homeless animals in shelters (my love for animals is incredibly strong), I like to watch anime
I have a little brother and sister who will be raised only by me
I really like to eat a lot, my favorite food is potatoes, because it can be cooked in different ways
I really love shopping :)
I like to talk a lot on different topics
I love absolutely all flowers
I am very kind and vulnerable ♥
I love educated, kind and generous men
I love funny videos and stupid memes
I have three cats and one dog
my favorite movie: The Hunger Games
Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan
I am ashamed to talk a lot, most of my life I am silent, only I can chat a lot with my family
I love it when they advise me a good movie, if you know a good movie, advise me ♥
O mne
hey im Nastya Im 21 years old
Čo ma rozladí
arrogance and rudeness
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I would really like you to help me achieve my goal to collect for me a small apartment that I need for my younger brothers and sister and this would greatly simplify my life, I would be able to devote more time to myself, which means more time with you, communicate more and play more. I will be very grateful to you guys for this, I will try to make good shows for you so that you are satisfied and then I will achieve my goal. Thank you very much ♥
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if I have plans and a dream for the future, yes) I rarely tell anyone, but I really dream of building a large house with a large playground where I can make several enclosures for homeless animals, I would like to fully engage in volunteering in my free time, because I love it. this is one of my big dreams, I will regularly help animals and look for their owners. in the country where I live there are many homeless animals that nobody needs, and they need my help ^^ I also dream of a car, it will be a good helper for me in this) I really believe that thanks to you I can make my dream come true thank you very much boys
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